Cloud service Diafan.Cloud is designed for quick and easy automatic creation and further management of sites based on a content management system DIAFAN.CMS.

DIAFAN.CMS allows any user who has elementary skills in office applications to easily and quickly connect any design, conveniently create a site structure of unlimited nesting and fill the site with various content.

When creating a website using the Diafan service, each user must comply with the user agreement. In particular, a user shall not create sites that:

  • Are obscene, offensive, vulgar, malicious, threatening, libelous, false or pornographic in nature;
  • Offend the honor and dignity, rights and legitimate interests of third parties, promote incitement to religious, racial or ethnic hatred, contain elements of violence, call for violation of current laws and illegal actions, etc.
  • Violate intellectual property rights and individualization rights (including copyright, related, patent rights, etc.) of third parties;
  • Violate the rights of minors;
  • Promote the emergence of an interest in or spread of drugs, weapons and ammunition, any form of terrorist, illegal and Nazi activities;
  • Contain information not permitted for disclosure (information constituting a state secret, personal data of third parties, information prohibited for disclosure due to contractual or fiduciary relationships of the user, etc.);
  • Contain computer viruses or other computer codes, programs and files that are aimed at breaching the integrity of any computer or telecommunications hardware, their parts, including servers and other network infrastructure and software components. Distribution of malicious programs in any form is prohibited, including in the form of complete program code, or its part, individual files of any formats, as well as links to their location on the internet;
  • Contain unauthorized (by Diafan.Cloud) advertising information, as well as spam (including all forms of search spam), flooding, chain letters, multi-level marketing schemes, ways of earning money on the Internet (including by e-mail), information provoking a chain reaction among recipients in distributing messages and other similar information
  • Contain offensive language;
  • Aimed at artificially increasing their rating or that of other users;
  • Any other material whose distribution, disclosure or other use is prohibited or restricted under the law, a contract or by other grounds.

The user should also refrain from carrying out actions prohibited or restricted by international laws, such as:

  • Connecting and using any software intended for hacking or aggregating the personal data of other users, such as usernames, passwords, etc. (phishing), as well as for automatic bulk mailing of any content;
  • Increasing traffic to your own sites by imitating requests from visitors, in particular, by downloading pages of your own site or of someone else's site in frames (iframe), participation in auto-surfing, etc. Such actions are regarded as causing direct harm to the Administrator;
  • To mislead someone by misappropriating someone else's name and deliberately posting, sending messages or using the appropriated name in another way that is illegal;
  • To intentionally inflict losses on someone or for any selfish purposes.

Terms of use