How does it differ from others?

Diafan.Cloud is not a typical site builder or an integrated solution. Our service is a tool for creating a turnkey site on a fully fledged hosting.

After clicking the «Create a site» button, the following occurs::

  • Third-level domain name is registered;
  • An account is created on the hosting, an ftp user is allocated;
  • An mySQL database and a user for it are created;
  • The latest version of the DIAFAN.CMS is downloaded and installed on the hosting;
  • The design template selected from the ADDONS.DIAFAN website is integrated;
  • A message containing the access parameters for the created site is sent to the user;
  • The created site is activated.

That's why any site created in Diafan.Cloud has all the advantages of a turnkey website. You can do anything with it as though it is a turnkey project from a web studio. The site can be edited as you like, new modules can be programmed, any third-party solutions can be inserted, and you can order for other modifications in PHP from developers. And in case you want to migrate to your own hosting, you can transfer the site 1:1 without any loss. Of course, you will have to buy a DIAFAN.CMS license and the template design.