Technical constraints

In most cases, when creating and using standard sites, the issue of limitations does not come into the picture.

However, we have some technical constraints.

Maximum filesystem objects 10 000
Maximum website size 10Gb(eCommerce)
Maximum upload file size 2Mb
Maximum count of http-request per second 75
Maximum MySQL-base size 1Gb
Maximum memory size 1Mb
Maximum open files 128
Maximum processes 8
Maximum CPU load 4%
Maximum outgoing mails200

According to the Terms of Service (clause 6.19), the Administrator reserves the right to suspend a personal website if the site unjustifiably overloads the computing resources of the server. Our internal server monitoring tools are used to determine the load based on a set of created site characteristics.

It should be noted that our service is not designed for high-load solutions and very large online stores with thousands of products and/or many thousands of traffic. In one server hosting your site, there are many other sites – resources are distributed evenly. If you plan to expand further, Diafan will help you start, lay the foundation of the site and then migrate to your own hosting service.