How to connect your domain

For convenience and fast creation, all new sites receive a free service domain of the form yoursite-***** The advantage is that every user can immediately see his site and start working with it. Most often, people use this service domain during the free trial period, when they can try to set up the site for their needs, fill it with content all free of charge. When everything is fine and the site is ready, you can attach your domain to it. It's very simple.

If you already have a registered domain, you only need to go to the user's personal cabinet and click «Attach Domain» on the license to your created site.

A window pops up where you need to first enter your domain name and click «Attach».

In the second step, go to the registrar's website, where you registered your domain, and enter the NS (name servers) for it.

Let's show how this is done using one of the popular registrars as an example. Log in to the registrar's account where the domain is registered. Go to the «My domains» section and select your domain.

Choose your domain and click «Manage Name servers» or «Change DNS».

Fill out two fields 1 and 2 with the values and click «Update» or «Save».

You now only need to wait for 72 hours as zones get updated on the Internet and your site becomes available via your domain name.