Main information

Diafan is a service for automatic creation of turnkey sites on a professional DIAFAN.CMS and subsequent renting on our hosting.

Rent or buy a license?

Experienced webmasters buy an unlimited DIAFAN.CMS license for $299, buy an online store template from ADDONS.DIAFAN for $100-150 and install the site on their own hosting. So if you have your own hosting, some programming skills and about $450, you can get a turnkey site.

However, you can get the same turnkey online store if you rent it in Diafan and pay just $240 per year and relax. That’s it! You won’t have to think about anything else. This amount includes hosting, CMS license and renting a design template from ADDONS. Our users have access to available updates and support, and can edit their site for an unlimited number of times, as though the site has been created independently or to order.

Simply put, if you want to launch a turnkey website quickly and inexpensively, then Diafan.Cloud is your ideal choice. Get results quickly – you pay just $240 a year (or $120 a year for a site without an online store). If you are planning for a long-term existence, the best option is to immediately acquire an unlimited DIAFAN.CMS license.

Or you can try optimal solution: work a year in Diafan.Cloud, develop your site and then buy a DIAFAN.CMS license and template..


* on different tariffs